Can flooring be installed without removing baseboards?

Flooring installers can install your flooring without removing your baseboards, but each case is different. The process will be different for various floor coverings and can require additional steps we’ll talk about in this post.

An installation service doesn’t have to be a hassle

Some baseboards are glued on, and removal can cause damage that neither homeowner nor service provider wants. If leaving your baseboards in place is essential to you, we'll do everything possible to stick to your preferences.

Some hardwood and engineered flooring can be installed while leaving baseboards intact but will often require the addition of a piece of quarter round to cover the necessary gap. For these flooring types, the gap ensures that minute expansion of contracting doesn't cause the flooring to warp, buckle or crack.

Luxury and sheet vinyl can sometimes be installed underneath the baseboards after the old flooring is pulled up, thanks to an open gap. A quarter round isn’t usually needed in these cases unless the previous flooring was much taller than the material replacing it.

Even carpet can be run underneath the trim, thanks to the use of a tack strip, leaving you with a seamless transition. If you’d like more information about your specific situation, be sure to contact us at your convenience.

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