Does flooring need to be acclimated before installation?

A sound flooring installation requires all the most pertinent elements to be followed so that your floors not only look great but perform nicely and give you the lifespan you expect from them. In addition, acclimation is a requirement for many floor types, and we will tell you more about that in today's post.

An installation service is necessary

Acclimation is a process by which the product you are installing is allowed time to reach the same humidity level as the environment it is being installed into. This process can last from one to three days or more, depending on various factors, including the type of flooring and the weather conditions.

Products that require acclimation before installation service include solid and engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate. Other materials may also require some acclimation, and our associates can give you detailed information on your specific products.

Regardless of acclimation time frames, you can expect your installation to be a perfect solution for any floor covering your purchase. Our associates will discuss all the details about this service, from start to finish, so you will know what is happening throughout the process.

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