Getting it Right!

There is an old saying “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. It is a true statement if ever there was one, for making sure that the quality of any work is first rate. Craftsmanship comes from experience and the willingness to do the small things correctly the FIRST time. That level of attention to detail is what makes a craftsman excel at his work. At Completely Floored, it is that attention to detail that we expect from the flooring installation specialists we use in Seattle. There can be no substitute for proper flooring installation in your Seattle home. To hire someone who is not versed in the manufacturer’s specifications for installing their product, or who don’t have the experience necessary to overcome any obstacles in the installation, can be costly. Flooring installation in your Seattle home is something that need only be done once. Having to have the job re-worked because of shoddy workmanship, or a lack of experience on the part of the flooring installer, would be tragic to say the least. It would deprive you of your space for more time, and cost you extra money that can be better used for important pursuits in your everyday life.

We have the flooring installers on call that have the necessary experience and education to get your flooring installation done in your Seattle home. Our installers are genuine craftsmen who have mastered the art of setting the flooring in place with precision and in a timely manner. They understand that customer satisfaction is the number one priority for us and they strive to accomplish that goal for each job that they perform. They are our ambassadors to the customer at their home, so you know we will only hire the best to get the job done right.

Whether our flooring installation professionals are specialists in one type of flooring installation, or masters of many flooring types, we are careful to make sure that they will give you everything you need, including instruction on maintaining your flooring after they leave. So come see us at our Everett WA, showroom and let us show you how getting flooring installation right is the key to flooring heaven.