Is It Better to Buy or Rent a Home in Seattle?

For many of those living in Seattle, it is an age-old question: Should I buy a home or rent a home? In the past, it could be very hard to answer that question, as both buying and renting had their own unique benefits. One was not often better than the other for many Seattle residents. That seems to be changing now, however. A recent story detailed some of the reasons that it might be better to go ahead and buy today instead of renting.

“Seattle is home to renowned attractions such as Pike Place Market and world famous companies like Microsoft and Amazon. As such, it’s an attractive place to call home; and its real estate market reflects this, with high demand driving prices up to $499,950 per home in King County alone, according to With the competition raising home prices, now is the time to consider buying a home in Seattle in lieu of renting.”

Source: <a href="">5 Reasons Buying A Home In Seattle Is Better Than Renting</a> by Sean Jackson.

While there are certainly some great benefits to owning your own home, one of the best is that you get to decorate your new home the way that you please. This means that you and you alone, get to decide what kind of cabinets you want; what kind of window treatments you want; and what kind of flooring you want. In terms of flooring, for anyone buying new floors, working with a professional flooring installation crew is crucial.

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