Are your walls looking a bit drab and in desperate need of a makeover? Is your small kitchen renovation now an all-out home redo? No matter the reason for whipping out those paint cans, you’ll want to heed our Completely Floored advice when it comes to protecting your floor installation. While you may believe it won’t take you that long to freshen up your walls, the fact of the matter is, that one-hour job can turn into a week-long disaster, if you don’t cover your surfacing properly to begin with. Skip the drama altogether with the following quick tips from our Everett, WA showroom experts.

Avoid unsightly splatters and the frantic call to the cleaners!

1 – Clear the space.
Firstly, clear the area that’s going to be painted. No, you can’t comfortably, safely paint a room if everything stays exactly where it is! Don’t chance an accidental spill just because you want to avoid the heavy lifting, it’s just not worth it. Instead, take an extra few minutes or so to empty out the area, removing decorations, curtains, curtain rods, and furniture. If something is too big to move, then just use a plastic sheet to cover it up.

2 – Plastic, plastic everywhere! Secondly, don’t even think about not using sheets to cover your laminate flooring installation, or any other type of surfacing for that matter. Plastic sheets are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll also need to buy tape to keep them in place. Canvas, while being more expensive, is heavy enough to not require tape to keep it in place. Either way, they both work.

3 – Tape: A painter’s godsend.
If you’re painting a room, tape can honestly be a lifesaver. Whatever you do though, don’t be stingy when it comes to taping down the sheets in place. Not only will using it wisely save your surfacing from splatter disasters, but tape can also protect your baseboard, trim, window frame, door frames, and light fixtures, to name but a few things.

Who should I call if there’s paint everywhere?

Laminate floor installers may have added your beautiful surfacing, but they won’t be much help if you’ve had a paint mishap. Instead, most likely, you’ll need the services of professional cleaners. If you find yourself in a situation such as this one, give us a call at Completely Floored, and we’ll happily talk you through what to do next.