Why do installers love to work with luxury vinyl flooring?

While luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) can be installed with the glue-down method, the floating floor is the most common technique. It’s fast and uncomplicated, so installers love it, and you will too because it keeps the cost down. LVF can be cut into planks or square tile-sized pieces, and the floating floor pieces mat and then hover over most subfloors, even concrete, with no nails or glue. Because LVF consists of several layers, the flooring installation is strong and sturdy. With luxury vinyl, there’s no need for an underlayment.

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What is a floating floor?

A significant advantage, since it can move with humidity changes, is that the pieces become a single flooring unit. If there’s a quarter or half included left between the floor and the wall, there will be enough room for it to move, and you needn’t worry about planks or tile pieces cupping or crowning. Floating floors can also be removed and be placed somewhere else easily, a benefit, especially if you’re planning to move or want to change to another room.  

If you want something more permanent that won’t lift, you may decide on the glue-down method. There are two types of adhesive: hard set and pressure-sensitive. The hard set is applied directly to the subfloor. It is excellent for heavy traffic areas and is permanent. Pressure-sensitive is also strong, but it can be a little easier to lift. When you talk to us about our installation services, we’ll advise you on the best method to use.

LVF is a terrific alternative to wood, tile, or stone, with digital images and embossing that gives depth, dimension, and textured features. It’s affordable, durable, and easy to clean with just a regular sweeping and periodic mopping. 

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