Install it Correctly

Seattle has a reputation for being an area that prides itself on being the best. Therefore, when a homeowner wishes to renovate their space, it makes sense that they would want the best flooring and flooring installation Seattle could provide. In many cases, a homeowner tries to juggle their budget so they can purchase more expensive flooring by saving on labor costs. More often than not, this ends up costing the homeowner more money than they saved by a mile.The hiring of unskilled labor, be it a friend who needs a job, or the low cost Craig’s list worker, is a dicey proposition. Manufacturers have a certain set of specifications by which their product must be installed in order to keep the warranties they offer. If the installer isn’t familiar with these requirements they can make mistakes that may void the warranties by damaging the flooring before it is even finished. Above all, you don’t want to have to replace the entire floor a second time because the installer made mistakes, and voided the warranty, or because the floor was not useable.

Professional flooring installation in Seattle is easy to obtain. The retail flooring stores have installers that they use to place the flooring in your home. You can rest easy knowing that the retailer understands that these men are their representatives when they are in the customer’s home. That’s why they only use the flooring installation companies that Seattle homeowners have deemed the best.

At Completely Floored, we have the best flooring installation professionals Seattle and Everett, WA has to offer. They are State licensed and insured, and have the experience to get you through the installation with as little inconvenience as possible. They are also well versed in the manufacturer’s specifications for each type of flooring they must install. This will protect your warranties, and ensure your floor will maintain its beauty and durability for many years to come. So come see us at our Everett, WA showroom and let Completely Floored show you why we are Seattle’s number one flooring retail outlet.