Do you have your heart set on hardwood floors?

Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous option in floor covering materials. Not only are they simply gorgeous and offer a timeless appeal to your home that will never go out of style, but they are incredibly durable, and have one of the most amazing life spans in all of the flooring world. All these are likely reasons you've considered yourself for choosing this amazing product, but we're going to dive a little deeper still into all things hardwood, to see if there might be something new we can offer. Completely Floored has spent years honing the ability to offer 100% customer satisfaction at every turn. Since your floors mean as much to us as they do to you, it would be ridiculous for us to attempt to fit you with anything less than the best for you. That means getting to know exactly what you want and need and matching that to the perfect floor covering. Once you visit our Everett, WA showroom, from where we serve areas such as Everett, WA, Stanwood, WA, Marysville, WA, Lake Stevens, WA, Lynwood, WA, and Monroe, WA, Bothell, WA, and Arlington, WA, you’ll find out why most of our customers are return customers. We hope you will be too.

Your hardwood flooring options

You probably already know about the wide, extensive variety of species available within this particular niche. There are plenty to choose from, both domestic and exotic, but it’s important to know that some are far harder than others. For instance, exotic woods are the hardest woods in the world. Domestic species usually work just fine for most homes in America today, but if you have particularly damaging traffic throughout your home, you'll definitely want to discuss it with your flooring professional. The lifespan of hardwood is already incredibly lengthy. Some floors are still in existence today well after two centuries, and still going strong, in fact. One of the reasons for this is the ability to refinish real wood floors. After a few decades, the wear and tear your floors have experienced will probably begin to show through. Homeowners with most other floor coverings will, at this time, be considering a brand new replacement floor. You, on the other hand, will be calling us to discuss a refinishing that will bring your floors right back to their like-new finish. We look forward to installing your new hardwood floors, so be sure to come and see us today.

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