Natural stone flooring could be perfect for your home

If you need a floor covering with stunning visuals, an outstanding level of durability, and an unrivaled lifespan, you'll want to consider natural stone flooring. With various types, formats, and other valuable characteristics, you won't regret your time learning more about it. Let's do that right now.

Marble tile or something else?

Choosing a natural stone floor is easy, but it does take some time to plan for the perfect materials. You have lots of options from which to choose, including marble tile, travertine tile, and a host of others that are all geared towards your perfect results. Each material has a specific set of traits that could work best for you, and finding it can make all the difference for the lifespan of your flooring.

Marble flooring is an excellent choice for many spaces in your home, as it's durable and offers elegant, classic visuals. However, it does require resealing about twice a year to resist staining. You'll find polished marble is less porous than honed marble, which may give you a different functionality, so be sure to speak with a flooring professional about all the characteristics this floor offers.

If you choose travertine tile, you'll find this limestone derivative to be incredibly fashionable. It offers excellent durability when properly sealed and can add significant value to your home. It's perfect for withstanding cracks, chips, and scratches, but it does weather over time, adding a distinct personality for many spaces.

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