$15M Seattle Home Sells With No Property Tax

Fair or not, a massive Seattle home just sold for a record $15 million, which was interesting enough, but what caught our eye was the property tax paid on it at sale. That tax equaled zero dollars. Hmmmm....

Here is a short except from the article that announced the sale, and the tax story:

“SEATTLE - In this hot real estate market, property taxes seem to be going up every year. One of the most expensive homes in Seattle just hit the market, and it comes with a property tax price tag you won't believe. When the historic Samuel Hill House hit the market last week for $15 million, it captured a lot of attention in the real estate world.”

Source: <a href="http://www.12news.com/news/nation-now/15-million-home-for-sale-comes-with-no-property-tax/283054456">$15 million home for sale comes with no property tax</a> by TEGNA.

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