3 tips to create a soothing bedroom

There’s nothing like a calming space to soothe the nerves after a long day at work. Unfortunately, if your bedroom is a little on the crazy side – full of kid’s toys, empty snack bowls, and dirty laundry piles – you may have a hard time achieving Nirvana. Let Completely Floored help you out with the following advice, so you can rest those weary feet and snooze with the angels. Design a truly unique, regenerative bedroom with the following 3 helpful tips.

Zen it up with calming, muted colors

Calming, muted colors work best when creating a tranquil space. That means you’ll want to avoid bold, overly vivid colors that energize rather than sooth. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t want to start your day off in panic mode because your walls are bright red. Opt for relaxing, soothing tones like sage green, ocean blue or deep yellow. This also includes your flooring installation color. Choose planks that are medium to lighter tones instead of a dark, somber floor installation.

Declutter your soul by eliminating chaos

The chaos of living in a messy room just isn’t going to work. For a soothing environment, organize your space, using storage if necessary, for smaller living quarters. Also, consider the use of furniture – are they essential to your room? Maximize your free space by adding items that double as hidden storage, so you can keep things out of sight but within reach.

Simplify your life by simplifying colors

Side from the colors of your walls and laminate flooring installation, you should also look at the tones around your room. The goal, in the end, is to have a calm place to relax. However, it’s always nice to make sure everything blends well and appears polished. A simple rule is to repeat your favorite tones 2-3 times throughout items in the room, be it in décor, accent pieces, a comforter, or the rug, for instance. Another thing to keep an eye on is patterns. While it’s nice to have a few, it gets a bit hectic visually if you add too many. For a clean, sophisticated, fluid design, blend solid colors with patterns.

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