A serious conversation about locally-owned flooring stores

Flooring installation is probably going to be one of the biggest investments you ever make in a home. It's also your expression of personal style.

That means you need to get the floor right the first time, and we know shopping can be overwhelming, what with the amount of product. There are also questions you’ll have to get the most professional installation possible.

So let’s simplify it all for you.

What you need in a flooring store

A big selection. It's common to think that a big box has a larger inventory but actually, the opposite is true. These stores only focus on those flooring products that they know will sell and bring them the largest profit, and they won’t make special orders.

What that means for you is that if you want to design an installation that’s unique and personal, you need to go to an independent.

●Education. Flooring stores should do more than just sell. As an example, here at Completely Floored, we have a staff of design consultants who will do everything from making suggestions on complimentary products to suggesting the right padding for your carpet.

Two examples of design coaching

A big trend for 2020 is to create tile borders around a laminate or vinyl floor. Our designers can not only tell you about that trend, and won’t just point to the tile section, but will help you select a ceramic that would work with the installation.

Also, even though laminate is DIY-friendly, some just won’t want to be bothered. We’ll ask questions to determine if you want to place the floor or if you want installers.

Another important issue is carpet padding; it sets the foundation and the wrong type can make the rug wrinkle, roll, and ripple.

Other differences

Independent shops have more competitive pricing than big boxes, because market supply and demand sets the price, as opposed to the vendors for big boxes. There’s also overhead, research and advertising; someone has to pay for it, right?

Customer service is key

Big Boxes are popular after-school jobs. They might be cute, but can’t answer your questions, and are just there to work the registers.

Want to experience the difference? Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA to speak to one of our experts.