Are you ready for a great flooring installation?

After spending countless hours researching the perfect floor coverings, visiting showrooms to see them for yourself, and taking samples home to compare against your existing décor, you deserve a flooring installation service that brings everything together perfectly.

Getting a professional installation is the best way to protect this very important investment. After all, it’s not every day you purchase a brand-new floor covering. Protect it well by allowing professionals to make sure it’s installed correctly.

Flooring installation that meets your needs

For some materials, a professional flooring installation service is crucial. These floorings include carpet, solid hardwood, and porcelain tile. For these materials, not only are special tools necessary for proper installation but so is a great deal of experience.

With a great professional flooring installation, you won’t have to worry about the installation failing. Improperly installed carpet can bunch or experience seam separation. For wood floors, the result might be warping or cracking. And tile can be cracked or chipped, leaving you with no other option than to purchase more flooring.

Instead of using a novice installation team or attempting a DIY installation, why not leave this vital step to a team of professionals you can trust? While it does cost a little more upfront, that's nothing compared to the cost of extra materials or, worse, an entire flooring replacement.

Professional installation also saves you time. While your team is doing the hard work of installation, you can be doing more important things, whatever they might be, while still experiencing a level of peace of mind that’s hard to come by when you attempt the job for yourself.

When you’re ready to let us get to work on your project, be sure and visit us at your convenience!

Our flooring installation service is top-notch

For the residents of Arlington, Bellingham, Bothell, Burlington, Camano Island, and Everett, we offer excellent local flooring installation service. To get that process started, all you have to do is visit us at our Everett, WA showroom location at your convenience. Our associates will be happy to assist you the moment you arrive.