Back to basics with natural and synthetic fibers

Choosing the perfect carpet flooring for your home is easier than you think. And it all starts with knowing a few basics about natural and synthetic carpet fibers.

One is likely to serve you better than the other. So, read along here to find out more about them.

Natural fibers

Wool is probably the most well-known natural fiber in carpet flooring. It’s strong, resists stains, and repels fire too.

This fiber has always been the warmer choice. It holds more heat and offers rich softness and cushion beneath your feet.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are cheaper than natural options, so they’re more common in showrooms. Nylon makes up the highest number of carpets sold.

You receive excellent stain, crush, and odor resistance with synthetic options. In addition, you can expect from five to twenty years of lifespan.

Carpet installation facts

A professional carpet installation is the best way to protect these materials. Our technicians have the training, experience, and all the latest installation equipment.

But we can also tell you what you can expect through the entire process. We’ll even tell you what you can do before our technicians arrive.

If you have questions, we have answers. We'll ensure you have everything you need and more from choosing the perfect material through installation.

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