Can I install my own carpet flooring?

Carpet flooring has outstanding benefits and characteristics that make it a must-have for some rooms. You'll love the visual schemes, durability, and lifespan, especially when you make all the right choices.

We’re often asked if homeowners can do the installation service themselves, and you should know that we recommend against it. Here are some facts about carpet installation and why it should be left to professionals.

What’s necessary with carpet installation?

Installing a carpet is a procedure that requires careful measurements, special tools, and lots of experience. If you've worked as a flooring installer before, then you may have carpet installation experience, but you also need the proper tools.

Installation requires tack strips, underpadding, seam connection, and stretching, to name a few necessities. And installers must follow a proper order for each part of the installation for the right results.

Choosing a professional carpet installation team

Professional installation ensures the results you want and need and gives you peace of mind. In addition, we stand behind our work with warranties, so you never have to worry about carpet failure any time soon.

With a professional team in place, you can enjoy the benefits of your carpet through its entire lifespan. For many products, this can mean your floors would last up to 20 years or more.

Once you select your product, we’ll give you an estimate on the price and time to carry out the installation. And if you have questions, feel free to ask them.

We’re here for your carpet installation

At Completely Floored, we offer a fully stocked showroom with all the products you'll need for your remodel. We believe in gimmick-free service, quality products, and fantastic pricing so that you can focus on essential parts.

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