Can I recycle my old carpet flooring?

We are often asked about recycling carpet, and options are available for this need. However, there are also some things you should know before attempting to recycle your old flooring.

The construction and materials used in the flooring play a significant role in the ability to recycle. Here are some facts that will serve you as you look for the best options for your old flooring.

A donation can be a form of recycling

If your old carpeting is still in fair shape, you can donate it to various charities that restore and winterize homes. Often, these carpet donations are tax deductible and work to many benefits.

The complications in recycling

Carpets are made of various fibers and materials that make them harder to break down once in landfills. They're also harder to break down for recycling, which can be tedious.

Some manufacturers offer buy-back programs or drop-off points, where they will receive old flooring and manage it themselves. But more and more nonprofit organizations are working to create programs that make this recycling issue easier to manage.

If you find a program or company that recycles carpet floors, ask if they also recycle the padding materials. Of course, they are recycled separately, so it's always best to ask before managing bulky products.

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