Carpet textures - What to know

When you need fantastic carpet flooring, texture has a lot to do with your results. It adds to visual appeal and durability for flooring that serves you for years.

Taking the time to learn a bit more about texture can be a huge advantage. And it could yield the flooring you've always dreamed of and more.

A bit about carpet textures

Luxurious plush carpeting

Plush texture options are some of the softest and most luxurious today. This carpet installation offers an underfoot cushion that has no rival.

The retro shag textures

Shag carpet is back in style with long yarn lengths, upgraded colors, and beautiful styles. These floors are conversation starters for sure.

The durability of Berber textures

For high traffic areas, Berber carpet flooring is an excellent texture. Shorter and stronger, these tight twists give excellent results in your busiest rooms.

Combination cut and loop texture

This carpet offers tufts of fiber that are both cut and looped for patterned textures you can see. Some are subtle, and others are dramatic, but there’s a carpet for every decor.

Add padding for extra comfort

When you choose the best padding for your selected carpeting, you'll find extra comfort and so much more. The comfort is perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms.

But padding can also help your carpet floors perform longer and better. As a result, you'll see less bunching, balding, and premature wear.

You'll find the best carpet flooring here

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