Easy Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Laminate Flooring Installation

Now that you have your floors all picked out, and chosen an installation crew, you're probably wondering what comes next. If this is your first time having new floors installed in your home, you are probably already a little drained just getting this far, and the upcoming installation is probably a little intimidating. Here's the good news, though, if you know what to expect, there really isn't too much to worry about.

Our team of laminate floor installers are the best in the area. So, we went to them and asked them to put together a list of tips to help our customers prepare for the big day. The one thing they all said was that people tend to go overboard, and there really isn't too much they really have to do to get ready. Here's everything you need to know:

Remove the Doors

A lot of installers offer this as part of their service, but many people worry about their doors getting scratched up in the process. While our crews always take the utmost care with all of our customers’ property, we get that you might want to protect the doors yourself, just to be sure. If that's the case, simply pop them off the hinges and store them together in an out of the way area, with thick, soft blankets or cloth between them.

Declutter the Work Site

You want your crew to be able to get straight to work so the project remains on time and on budget. That means you should remove any obstacles you can to their beginning work. Be sure to pick up any toys, shoes, or other random objects that might be littering the floor in the area to be worked on, to allow your team to get straight to work!

Hide Away the Pets

Unless you have an Air Bud sort of situation on your hands, chances are that your dog isn't too handy with a hammer. As much as we love pets, we find it is safest for everyone if they are kept well away from the work site for the duration of the working day. Find an out of the way place where they can hang out while the workers do their thing, or arrange for them to stay with friends and family if there isn't room on-site for them.

Hire the Best

Of course, the best way to prepare for your installation is to hire the best team for the job! Completely Floored is Everett, WA's premier flooring dealer and installer. Our reputation for quality service and flawless craftsmanship stands head and shoulders above our competitors.

If you are in the market for quality flooring and flooring installation services, contact our showroom via email or telephone, to arrange for your free, no-obligation flooring consultation and estimate. You could also stop by our showroom in Everett to have a look around, and consult our veteran flooring team. Either way, we'd love to hear from you!