Flooring for your Man Cave

Are you still looking to build that perfect "man cave" in the extra room that's wasting space? I'm sure you have been thinking of everything. A huge flat screen television. Walls covered with your favorite sports legends. Overstuffed recliner chairs that are hypnotic as soon as you sit down. The one thing you have left out in your mind is what kind of floors you should lay down that make everything come together as one and make the ultimate space for your dream man cave. The type of flooring you use is just as important as everything else that is going in your dream room and engineered wood is a cost effective way of giving you that classic solid hardwood look. 

It can be installed in virtually any room or basement in your house. You don't need to worry about spilling a beverage or any sort of mess because engineered wood flooring is built of several layers of wood pressed together which is ideal for high- moisture conditions. The best part is you can install it yourself, using the "floating" method which is much easier and less time consuming than being professionally glued down. It comes in many different varieties of finishes and sizes. 

If you are working with a smaller room, wider planks can make a small room look much bigger than it is and they are available in longer lengths as well giving it an even sleeker look with fewer junctures. You can also install them in any direction you want to give it a unique look.
The wire- brushed woods also work great because it is much harder and less likely to show any type of scratches from furniture or chips from ruff- housing with your buddy's while watching boxing night. 
Whether you want a rustic look or you are more of an eco- friendly type of person and want to use reclaimed wood from old barns or logs you can be sure you can find the perfect finish that fits your lifestyle. Engineered wood is the perfect solution to cap off your dream man cave with style. It can be found at a local flooring retailer near you.