Get a cozier look by adding an oak flooring installation

There are several ways you can achieve that cozy, relaxing, comforting look for your home makeover. While selecting the right décor, furnishings, and window treatment are excellent ways of achieving this appearance, another failproof approach is to choose oak floors. As one of the most dominant aspects of the room – the other being the walls – your floors play a huge role in setting the mood of the space. As such, and since oak is indeed an inviting, warm type of wood, it can very well be the ideal way to create the perfect look for your home. Here are a few other reasons why oak would be a great addition to your room.

Natural beauty

Naturally beautiful, oak offers a warm, welcoming appeal to any space, thanks to its natural oils and sleek appearance. Available in both traditional tones and more contemporary shades, there’s a texture and graining that’s truly unique. One of the most flexible woods that are easy to stain, color, and treat for other styles, European white oak is a species that takes on many different appearance types very well.

Easy upkeep

Did you know that oak as a species is an incredibly stable wood structurally, predominantly because of its grain structure? As such, this hardwood is less prone to humidity and water concerns. Therefore, when opting for oak planks, you’ll benefit from easy upkeep because of its high structural stability.


Whitewashed oak is making a huge comeback lately, providing an immensely elegant look for those who also want to create a sense of peace and calm. When a professional local flooring installation service whitewashes oak planks, you’ll get a lovely, chalky style that goes so very well with the wood grains that show through. This appearance gives a natural, calming effect.


If you’re looking for an aged, more traditional oak appearance for a slightly rustic feel, then a flooring installation service can provide a wide assortment of shades and finishes to complete the look. For instance, some of the more popular finishes for an aged style are smoky, dark, and caramel hues. These shades exude coziness, warmth, and are unbelievably eye-catching.

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