Hand-scraped wood: 3 reasons why you’ll love this stunning flooring installation

Not only does a hand-scraped flooring installation add character to any space, but it's also unbelievably stunning. Whether you're renovating your bedroom, entryway, dining room, or living room, it offers a unique sense of warmth and luxury with its textured wood planks. Brief fad or here to stay? You decide once you read the following three reasons why hand-scraped hardwood is so easy to fall in love with!

Unique, eye-catching design

Offering an old-world, handcrafted charm, hand-scraped wood has a high degree of texture and graining that adds a whole other dimension to your space. It adds character to a room, without a doubt, giving an authentic, rustic appearance and incomparable warmth. All of these characteristics are mostly due to the visual interest of the textured planks. With an uneven surface that creates different light levels, the character of each section of hardwood is unique. The planks you see in the morning with the rising sunshine will differ from its appearance at night when the natural light changes. Truly, there nothing more one-of-a-kind than that!

Prolonged durability

Since the wood grain is so pronounced, with differing markings from one plank to another, hand-scraped floors can easily mask scratches, dents, dust, and imperfections. As such, it’s an ideal installation for busy households with kids and pets. While normal wear-and-tear is always stressful to see, the beauty of hand-scraped planks is that everyday usage is easily hidden. Year after year, the enhanced finish will seamlessly blend in small flaws, hiding dust and dirt.

Easier upkeep requirements

Aside from having the ability to hide dust and dirt, these planks are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. No matter the color you choose, it takes minimal effort to clean up spills and food mishaps. That’s because, even though they’re hand-scraped and have a slightly uneven texture, these planks are well-protected with several surface coatings to ensure they’re simple to maintain. A local flooring installation service can also add additional protective layers should you like to have them.

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