How to know if engineered hardwood flooring is for you?

Engineered hardwood flooring
is a fantastic choice for a wide variety of homeowners. It covers many needs and looks great in the process, no matter your decor scheme.

But you might have questions about whether this flooring suits your specific needs. And we can help you decide that, with just a few tips.

What is engineered hardwood?

Unlike solid wood, engineered materials feature a backing and core of plywood. The layers are perpendicular to one another and topped with a natural wood wear layer.

Once in place, engineered wood flooring looks exactly like regular hardwood flooring. So, matching your decor or another room with solid wood is effortless.

Benefits of engineered hardwood flooring

The most important thing is whether engineered materials will work for your home. So, here are some benefits to weigh against your list of requirements.

  • Looks like solid hardwood
  • Dampness and humidity resistance
  • Added wear resistance
  • Spill resistance
  • More affordable than solid wood
  • The installation is often faster than a solid wood installation
  • and MORE!

  • Installation and lifespan

    You'll find the installation quick and easy when choosing engineered wood floors. Some products even give you the option for a floating installation.

    The floors can last 30 years or more with professional installation and ongoing care. And we'll tell you more about lifespans while you're here.

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