In Seattle, Big Family, Big Dog: Now They Could Really Use a Laminate Flooring Installation

Here’s a story about a big family in Seattle—we’re talking about 4 grown boys and a big dog. 

To complicate things, husband Pat was tied to a traditional look; his wife wanted contemporary.

Source: “A Lake Washington home is made elegant, open, ready for a crowd” by Rebecca Teagarden, Seattle Times:

Could that be done?

Sure!  This Seattle family can get it all with a laminate flooring installation!

All they need to do is take a trip to Completely Floored and take a look at all our options for a great Seattle laminate flooring installation. Thanks to modern technology and high-resolution photography, anyone can get the look of hardwood, stone, tile or porcelain, without the price tag of the real thing. It’s also durable, so a laminate flooring installation would be perfect for this big family who wanted to use their family for everything from entertaining to playing musical instruments and games to watching television.  

Take care of your laminate flooring installation

First, just dust mop or vacuum regularly. No water, liquid cleaners or sponge mops—only microfiber, cotton or terry cloth, please. Wipe spills and spots up immediately so they don’t set.

1.  Stubborn stains, such as paint or markers, can be removed with nail polish.
2.  Credit cards work remarkably well to scrape up substances like gum or wax.  Harden the substance first with some ice, then gently scrape. Be sure not to scratch the surface (or harm that card).  The little “shavings” can be wiped up with a soft, damp cloth.
3.  Sometimes it will just make more sense to replace the plank or tile.  If that’s the case, call our experts at Completely Floored for some great advice on keeping your Seattle laminate flooring installation beautiful.