Reduce Ambient Noise With a Laminate Flooring Installation

At Completely Floored, our on-site Everett, WA showroom experts answer many questions regarding floor installation. One question that's repeatedly asked has to do with noise reduction. No matter the size of your residence, be it a condo or bungalow, homeowners want to know what they can do to reduce noise. Whether it's your daughter practicing Claire De Lune on the piano in her bedroom, or the meddlesome next-door-neighbor that's always grumbling and complaining, Completely Floored has some great advice on how to soundproof your home with quality surfacing materials.Accessories Reduce Annoying Sounds 
With flooring installations, area rugs and runners are a great design option. That's because, with these type of material accessories, you can recreate your place several times over. Not only does this option make your space truly versatile, but it also lessens sound transference.  

Dampen Noise With a Good Underlayment
Talk to your laminate floor installers before they arrive, to ensure they'll install a good quality underlayment. Now, don't leave this to the very last minute, as ordering sound-deadening underlayment may require placing an order several weeks in advance. Select a type that's as thick as possible to decrease sound transference. 

Add More Space to Your Place
If you're renovating your home along with that flooring installation, chances are, you can increase the space between the ceilings and floors. Why would you want to do something that crazy? Simple, it's science, and it's about sound amplification. Basically, you want to increase the space between the ceiling and floors, as doing so will decrease floor noise.  

Be Considerate of Others
When it comes down to it, are you truly considerate of others? In the end, there's a long list of thoughtful things you can do that will decrease overall noise. For example, why not wear slippers instead of shoes while at home, or try to walk with a lighter step? Nosy, grumbling neighbors? Instead of arguing, try asking them about their noise concerns. Although it depends upon the specific issue, you may have already done everything within your power to solve the problem. However, it lessens the tension between neighbors when you speak to them about their concerns, giving them a sense that you're honestly trying to fix the situation.