Seattle Mega-Homes Fetching Millions At Sale

There are plenty of high-priced homes in the Seattle, WA area, and it seems more of these mega-homes are being sold than in the past. One only needs to watch the local papers to see that many of these homes, mansions, really, are fetching prices in the millions of dollars. A recent story took a look at this trend:

“$3 million, $5 million — whatever your definition of a luxury home may be, sales in the Seattle metro area are up. An eight-bedroom mansion on Mercer Island’s Faben Point fetched last year’s highest price for a home in King County — $13.8 million. The buyer, whose identity was concealed through a shell company, paid cash, public records show. Brokers say the buyer is from China and will use it as a family home.”

Source: <a href="">High-end home sales booming as tech execs, foreign buyers shell out millions</a> by Sanjay Bhatt.

While this sale took the top prize in price, the next highest priced sale came in at a whopping $11.2 million for a home on Hunts Point waterfront. Nice, if you have that kind of money.

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