Top 3 flooring materials if you have kids

Everything changes once you have kids. When you sleep, your plans for a night out, and a million other choices, all have to be made with your kids in mind. Your choice of flooring is no exception.
Choosing the best flooring installation for your home requires you to take a long, honest look at your lifestyle and budgetary factors, among other things. The one thing all of these factors have in common, is that kids make a big impact on all of them.
Here are three flooring materials that are more than capable of standing up to even the rowdiest of children!
SmartStrand™ Carpeting
Normally, carpeting is the first material that people cross off their list of choices when they consider the kid-factor. In most cases, this is a perfectly reasonable response, but there is something you might be missing if you choose to take that route: SmartStrand™ carpeting.
SmartStrand is made from a special fiber that has built-in stain-fighting power, as opposed to stain-fighting capabilities that are chemically applied. This means your carpet will have the same, unbeatable stain resistance in three years, as it did the day you first installed it. It is also one of the most durable, crush-resistant fibers out there. This carpet is so sturdy, that it can spend two weeks in a rhino enclosure at the zoo, and be cleaned to like-new condition without resorting to any extraordinary methods.
This is another flooring installation that might seem counter-intuitive to buy if you have kids, because they are bound to scratch it up quite a bit. While this is true, it ignores the fact that hardwood flooring can be refinished quite a few times over the course of its service life.
So, you can get that hardwood flooring installation you want, and when your kids scratch it, you can rest easy knowing that once they are through their rambunctious early years, you can simply sand and refinish the floors to like-new condition.
A laminate flooring installation is a great choice for families with kids, because you can have the look and feel of hardwood flooring without the sticker shock, and be less concerned about damage. Any laminate flooring installer will tell you that these floors are engineered to be incredibly tough.
The surface coatings that make up the wear layer of this material are strong enough to slough off a lot of wear and tear , that would ruin other materials completely. This makes it an excellent choice for people looking to save money without sacrificing their ability to have the look of wood floors in their home.
Looking for other options?
While these flooring materials will definitely stand up to your kids, they aren't the only appropriate materials out there to deal with the extra demands your kids place on the floors of your home. If you would like to explore other options, Completely Floored would love to help!
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