What is a floating floor installation?

There are many different types of flooring installation services, as various materials require other installation techniques for the perfect fit. If you're considering certain types of hard surface flooring, you may have heard about a floating floor installation.

But what is a floating floor installation? That's what we'd like to elaborate on in today's post, so be sure to read along to find out more.

Installation services explained

Laminate and engineered hardwood flooring are a couple of the floor coverings that can be installed using the floating floor installation. Pieces are clicked into place and then locked together instead of being secured to the subfloor underneath.

A floating floor is a great option, especially over existing floor coverings, so you don't have to tear up the old floor. Instead, you can install your new flooring directly over the top and enjoy the same beautiful results.

Some flooring comes with a pre-attached underlayment, which helps create a more resilient surface, offers a bit of noise reduction, and makes a warmer touch, especially in cold weather. It's easy to care for and easy to be replaced if pieces become damaged.

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