What’s the best time of year for a flooring installation?

Ever wonder why we use the term “fall cleaning?” That’s because this season has more moderate weather, making everything a little easier, especially when it comes to flooring and the installation procedure. You don’t have to deal with swelling that can occur in the spring and summer, or shrinking, which can happen in winter.

Think about this, too: Whether you DIY or hire a professional installer, there’s bound to be a lot of opened windows and doors, and a lot of walking in and out of the house. Who wants to do that when it’s warm out, or when it’s cold and wet?

It’s also a psychological thing; the season’s often associated with renewal and high energy. The kids are back to school and out of the house, and the holidays are near, giving us a feeling of anticipation and happiness.

Other questions that we sometimes hear in our showroom are:

1. What’s the difference between laminate and vinyl flooring? 
Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are each very different products with different installation behaviors.

Laminate is comprised of wood derivatives; therefore, like hardwood, it can be damaged by excess water and you must acclimate it first. Vinyl is made of plastic byproducts and the core can be traditional or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), depending upon the manufacturer. Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof.

However, unlike laminate, it can be prone to fading and spotting so protect it from direct sunlight.

1. Can I do it myself? 
Some you can, but others, like hardwood, carpeting, and tile, are never recommended as a do-it-yourself project. These materials often require subfloor preparation and special skills and tools. Just the cutting of tile is very difficult and, if you make a mistake, you won’t be able to go back for a do-over.

Some materials, such as laminate can, with a few exceptions, be placed over another flooring material, with either a glue-down or click-and-lock; as always, be sure to get some advice from an installer before proceeding.

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