Which Flooring Installation for Kids’ Rooms?

One thing’s for sure:  Kids are messy.  Paint, glue, crayons and spills from the EZ Bake Oven are all part of the deal. 

The best flooring for your kid’s room is a laminate flooring installation. Laminate is stylish, what with an assortment of colors and patterns. You can get laminate that simulates the look of hardwood, stone or tile. Textures, like hand-scraped or wire-brushed makes it even more believable. Come into Completely Floored in Everett, WA to see our huge inventory.  You’ll be floored. (Sorry, we love those puns!)

Don’t stop at a floor installation, though!  Create a colorful backsplash, a whimsical wall design or maybe even panel the fronts of cabinets or drawers.

It’s as functional as it is aesthetic.  It’s so durable; children can roll toy trucks or pull toys with no worries on your part. Let them spill!  All you need to do is wipe it up--and, believe us, there’s absolutely nothing that can’t be wiped off. Don’t worry about crayons, lipsticks, nail polish or permanent markers; they can all be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or even a little bit of acetone. 

You don’t even need to worry if your kids have allergies, either.  Dust, which is a big trigger for allergies, is visible on this type of floor, so when you sweep or mop, it can all be eliminated without any traces.

Like any flooring, there’s always a challenge and with this type of flooring installation, that’s noise (although there are many people who don’t find it at all noisy.)  Make sure you use the underpadding and some even use an area rug over it. If the floors still squeak, you should check with a laminate flooring installer, because it could be an uneven subfloor or nails pulling away from the joists. An expert will quickly identify the problem and offer the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to handle it.

Maybe the nicest part about this kind of flooring is that if there is a portion that is beyond repair, you don’t have to remove and replace the entire floor. All you have to do is replace damaged planks or tiles, especially if they have that click and lock technology. It’s a big reason why it’s considered the best flooring for kid rooms.

Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA to let us show you how to make a great kids room with laminate.