A Flooring Installation That You Will Love

Okay, so you want a wood floor installation. Your wallet refuses to say “yes,” but your house can still have that stylish elegance, with a wood-look laminate flooring installation.

This type of flooring is made up of several layers, all fused together. An ultra-strong core layer is comprised of melamine (a type of plastic) resin and fiberboard. On top of that is a photographic image which, thanks to modern technology, is an incredibly real simulation of wood (or tile or stone).

The laminate is cut into planks (to mimic wood planks) and you can get a wide assortment of species. To make it even more realistic, there are available textures, such as hand scraped or wire-brushed.

Let your imagination go wild! You can also get this type of flooring installation cut into tile-sized pieces with many designs and colors; mix and match them to create your own style, or your home can get a look of slate or marble with a stone-look installation.

Other Advantages of Laminate Flooring

  1. It can be a DIY installation project. Granted, professional laminate floor installers will ultimately save you from a lot of headaches. I wouldn’t want to DIY it, but you can if you wish. This material comes with a click/lock or fold/lock system that makes it sort of fit together like puzzles. It’s a floating floor, which means that it doesn’t need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor (hence, it “floats” over the subfloor), so you can install it over most types.  

Don’t install it over carpet or an existing floating floor, however.

Remember, too, that it is a wood product, so don’t install it in “wet” rooms, like the bath, because excess water can warp any wood.

  1. It’s easy to care for. Just sweep or damp mop. (Again, remember not use excess water.) Use a manufacturer-approved cleaner, and avoid those waxy, shine-promoting cleaners.
  2. It’s incredibly tough. While the inner core is strong, it’s really the top wear layer that gives it so much strength.

In fact, let’s debunk a myth right now that you can “walk off” the image, because you can’t.  This flooring is also considered to be one of the best types for kids, because it’s highly scratch-and-stain resistant.

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