A More Modern Way to Value Seattle, WA Homes

When it comes to laminate flooring installation, Seattle homeowners know that this will add value to their homes. But, just how much will a particular improvement add to the home's value and just how do we value a home today anyway? Well, there is a new way of putting a value on a home, and it may not make homeowners happy.

According to The Seattle Times, some real estate experts believe that home value assessments can now be made using automation and technology. 

“Can a machine — even one loaded with sophisticated algorithms, cloud-computing technology and real-estate market data — accurately estimate the value of your home? No way, you might say, it takes trained, professional appraisers to inspect and value houses...But real-estate and technology entrepreneurs strongly believe that relatively accurate automated estimations of value are achievable, and they have been working for years to create systems that do just that.”

Source: The Seattle Times, <a href="http://www.seattletimes.com/business/real-estate/rival-valuation-sites-benefit-consumers/">Rival home valuation sites benefit consumers</a> by Kenneth R. Harney.

Whether or not the pros will get these new automation schemes to assess property values accurately is yet to be seen. But, one thing is sure. Certain home improvements such as new laminate flooring installation in Seattle homes pays off in terms of adding value to any home. Generally, any type of new flooring system will increase a home's value and this, of course, includes laminate flooring.

One reason laminate flooring installation brings added value to homes is that these flooring systems are now more durable and more affordable than most people imagine. Home improvements that add beauty, style, and long-term value will always be attractive to homeowners in Seattle. A second reason that makes laminate flooring installation attractive is that most installs can be completed in a day or so.

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