A Versatile, Affordable, Highly-Designed Flooring Installation

We’re talking about laminate flooring, because this is an installation that will look like wood, tile or stone. Your floor should be your home’s “crowning glory” right? With that in mind, Completely Floored wants you to be totally thrilled with your results, so here are some of our answers to the most commonly heard concerns about laminate.

What is Laminate?
The flooring is a layered material with the installation being comprised of a fiberboard core, and a photographic layer (that thanks to modern technology is incredibly realistic) with a top clear wear layer to protect it all. Special features, like textures, can make it look distressed or hand-scraped for an even more realistic look.

A lot of laminate comes with an underlayment already attached and, if so, you don’t need to buy one. If you do need to purchase, however, your flooring pro can advise you of the best one.

Contrary to some opinion laminate is not plastic!

Will it Look Artificial?
Sometimes it’s so realistic that some have trouble telling the difference. Be sure to shop for quality, and not just price, though. This material is inexpensive, but don’t go for those cheap, bargain basement brands, or it will undoubtedly be inferior, especially when it comes to the photography.

Do I Need an Underlayment?
Yes, absolutely. This is a floor material that isn’t thick like a hardwood installation, or even cushiony like carpet, so you will need to give it a little TLC to help it keep the noise down.

If you do have to buy it, be sure you get the one specifically for laminate. Your flooring pro or installer can advise you of the best one.

Is it Easy to Care For?
Yes! Just sweep or damp mop. If more thorough cleaning is desired, use a manufacturer-approved soap and avoid those waxy, shine-promoting cleaners which can give your floors a yellow-ish cast.

Is it Durable?
It is moisture and scratch-resistant, and that makes it a great choice for both kids and pets. As a note, however, it can get a little slippery when wet, so don’t let anyone run on it until it dries!

Still have questions? Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA, and our pros will be happy to tell you more.