Are You Sure You Want to Sell Your Own Seattle Home?

If you live in Seattle, you have probably noticed that our housing market is pretty hot. More sales are being closed, and for higher prices. This may cause some homeowners to consider selling, and, for some, it may make you re-evaluate your current living situation. This can be a good idea for some, but it may be a mistake for many others, according to an interesting story we read recently:

“No one knows your home better than you do. Every floorboard squeak and flower bed has your personal stamp on it and often your hard-earned sweat equity. In a hot housing market — median Seattle home prices just topped $580,000, according to Zillow — you may ask yourself, Do I really need a real estate agent to help me sell this home? Like all important financial decisions, there are pros and cons.”

Source: <a href="">Weigh pros, cons before selling your own home</a> by William McDonald.

If you are planning to sell your home, you will certainly want to get the best price. One way to accomplish that goal is to do some improvements, such as having new flooring installed. And when it comes to getting the best flooring installation Seattle offers, homeowners come to Completely Floored.

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It is no secret that when it comes to flooring installation, Seattle homeowners want quality work performed. In order for this happen, consumers need to work with true professionals, such as those that we have at our store in Everett, WA.

When you have new flooring installed in your home, you can ask more when you decide to sell. And if you decide to keep the home, you will have that new flooring to enjoy for years to come. 

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