Bedroom Renovations: Is it Better to Go With Soft or Hard Surfacing?

Our Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA receives a ton of questions concerning renovations, namely geared towards an understanding of which type of material is best suited for the bedroom. While the answer may surprise, the truth is, there is no set answer, either one is fine in such an environment. Really, what it all comes down to is preference. So, to set you off in the right direction, let’s talk about both options: Soft and hard floor installations.
Soft, Silky, Smooth – Carpeting
For those homeowners looking to create a room that’s tranquil, relaxing, and soothing, carpeting may be your best option. Truly, this is a surfacing like no other, as it is soft to the touch, silky underfoot, and endlessly smooth. A great many bedrooms have this type of flooring installation, and as it produces a welcoming, cozy appeal, it’s certainly no surprise why many folks choose to go with this alternative.
Additionally, what many homeowners may not realize is that there are some other wonderful benefits to opting for carpets. First, it has great insulating properties, resulting in lower energy bills year-round, no matter what kind of climate you live in. Second, because of its insulating properties, it also creates a sound barrier that keeps noise levels down. And to round out this trio of advantages, let’s address one feature that often goes unseen: Security against slippage. For those with mobility issues, such as elderly individuals and young children, carpets offer traction, minimizing slips, trips, and falls. However, in the event that someone should fall down, the soft surfacing also provides a cushioned landing.
Graceful, Classy, Elegant – Hard Planks
Now, let’s talk about hard planks like hardwood, or a laminate flooring installation. With this type of surfacing material, you get a completely different vibe, one that’s graceful, classy, and elegant. In essence, pristine, perfectly-polished slats embody a sense of style like no other, with a beauty that’s hard to match. Forget the possibility of stains or discoloration, there’s a very minimal chance of this happening with sturdy, solid planks.
In the bedroom, the presence of hard slats creates a unique statement. And while they may be particularly soft and cozy underfoot, there’s no reason why you can’t add a rug or two to soften that appearance and inject some coziness. What’s another great advantage to hard planks, one that might make you want to call laminate floor installers right now, is the long-lasting quality. Planks and slats don’t go out of style. For generations, homeowners have chosen this option, and it’s one that hasn’t let them down.