Best Flooring for an Art Studio

The creative process can often be intrinsically hard on one’s surroundings. And, if this studio happens to be a room inside the home, the choice of flooring will be of utmost importance. With the wide variety of styles and materials to choose from (aside from carpet which is a no-go in most situations) the type of flooring used depends on several factors. The type of art that is produced makes a difference, believe it or not. If the artist sits on a bench or stool most of the time, then a harder surface will suffice. However, if the artist is on his feet most of the time, such as is possible for sculptors and ceramicists, then a softer type of flooring can help to prevent back fatigue. 

For those sitting at an easel, the best choices include laminate flooring (easy clean up and installation), or vinyl, or tile. Of the three, the easiest on the back, for those on their feet for longer periods of time, the best choice is vinyl, or laminate, as both come with an underlayment that can provide some cushion. Tile, because of its construction, and installation, provides the least cushion, but easier clean up. 

Once the determination on the type of flooring has been made, then the design element is really a matter of taste. Most artists opt for something that will not compete with the work that they are creating, but at the same time, offer a good contrast to the work. Depending on the other colors and the style of the home, most artists opt for flooring that is all white, or lighter in color, or they will opt for something so dark that it won’t show stains quickly or at all. 

Installation of any of the types of flooring mentioned takes only a short time and can usually be completed in a day’s time, if not hours, depending on the amount of square footage in the room.