Can you float solid hardwood flooring?

Wood floors are a brilliant addition to any home, especially since they raise the value of your home. Even if only installed in a single room, you'll reap this benefit and many others.

The installation process could be the most critical part of this service and can last as long as you’re in your home. But can you float a solid hardwood floor installation?

What is a floating floor?

Floating floors are materials that are clicked together to one another instead of permanently attached to the subflooring. It's a great choice if you prefer a faster installation and hardwood floors have plenty of benefits.

But there are better choices than solid hardwood to pair with this installation method. Since it is only partially stable, especially during seasonal changes, it could fail and require a new installation to correct the damages.

What to do instead

Solid hardwood should be nailed into place for the best installation after a proper acclimation period of one to three days. Unfortunately, that means you can only install these materials over a wood subfloor or another surface that has been modified.

For instance, if you have a concrete subfloor but want wood floors, you'll want to ensure a plywood underlayment so the wood has something to attach to for the best results. Bring your specific situation to us, and we'll give you all your installation information.

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