Carpet 9-11: What if your carpet gets wet?

Carpet 9-11: What if your carpet gets wet?

Everyone experiences a spill on their carpet floors from time to time, and most know how to handle the situation when it happens. But what about conditions that bring a lot more water and a lot more worry?

What do you do if you have a pipe burst or experience a large spill and your carpeting gets soaked? Here are some facts that will help you handle situations like this much better if they occur.

The first step

The first thing to do if your flooring gets soaked or flooded is to start the drying process to prevent the fibers of your carpet from molding. Open windows, use fans, and start a dehumidifier near the wettest part of the flooring.

If necessary, contact a professional service to extract the water, ensure the padding integrity, and help to dry and sanitize the area. In addition, professionals can help to steer you in the right direction if replacement is necessary due to sewage, mud, mold, or extensive damage.

Ensure it doesn’t happen again

The next step is to ensure that the flooding doesn't happen again. This step could mean replacing pipes or making necessary repairs to protect your carpet.

Consider new flooring that's water resistant and make any changes to ensure subfloor moisture is taken care of as necessary. If you have questions about what to do next, please get in touch with our associates.

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