Clearing Up Some of the Flooring Installation Myths

At Completely Floored, we know just how overwhelming it can be when you’re trying to make a choice about a new floor installation.  Not only are there so many colors, patterns and species from which to choose, but you have to deal with all the myths and misinformation surrounding those choices.

That seems to be especially the case when it comes to a laminate floor installation. The material has been around since the 1970s and, like most anything else, it’s undergone several transformations as technology changed, but people still think of it as the floor in Grandma’s house!So let’s clear up any confusion about laminate!

Myth: It looks cheap and, at the very least, never as good as real wood or stone.

Answer: Thanks to modern technology and high resolution photography, the material is amazingly realistic; in fact, even the experts often can’t tell the difference. There’s not only an almost endless selection of wood and stone, (such as marble, travertine and slate), but also textures and grains that make it even more realistic.

Myth:  Laminate and vinyl are the same.

Answer:  This is one of the most common misconceptions. Not only is the material different, but the construction is as well, and one of the biggest differences is that vinyl is 100 percent impervious to water, while laminate is not and, therefore, not recommended for flooring installation in high moisture areas where there can be leaky pipes, or lot of hot steam from showers.

Myth: Laminate floors can't be repaired.

Answer:  Laminate comes in interlocking planks, installed by the floating method, which means that it doesn’t need to be nailed or glued down. If a plank is damaged, you just lift it up and replace it. Of course, like tile, it’s not such a bad idea to keep a box of extra planks handy!

One of the nicest things about a laminate flooring installation is that it’s so low-maintenance. Just sweep or damp mop.  If more thorough cleaning is needed, use a manufacturer-approved soap; your retailer can tell you. Avoid excess water and those waxy shine-promoting cleaners.

Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA, and let our laminate floor installers show you just how versatile and stylish laminate can be.