Common Questions Concerning Light and Dark Colored Floors

So, you're about to undergo a major home renovation, one which requires a flooring installation, but you're still unsure about which type to buy. Should you go for that lovely, icy-blue laminate flooring installation, or choose ebony-black carpeting instead? Well, before you head over to our Completely Floored Everett, WA showroom, let's have a look at some common concerns regarding light and dark surfacing material. There's no need to stress over a floor installation, because we're here to help with those tough decisions!First thing's first, let's go over a few questions you should ask yourself before a redesign:
• Do you have a color preference?
• What style are your decor and home?
• Do you share a household with children and pets?
• How much time can you dedicate to cleaning?
• How much natural light enters the space?
• Is the area small or big?
• Have you considered the wall color, or will you be painting?
• Are you keeping the furniture and appliances in mind?

Light vs. Dark: Cleaning  
When it comes down to it, light colored surfacing does a better job of hiding dust and dirt. However, if you're keen on a dark shade, opt for a tone that isn't very deep. Also, depending upon which type of material you select, pick a satin finish, since it masks imperfections, scratches, and dirt better. 

Light vs. Dark: Room Size
Usually, darker colored surfacing materials tend to make a room look smaller, and the reverse is true for light colored floors. Having said that, the shade of your walls does play a large role in the end appearance and feel of a space. For example, with a deep brown laminate floor, installers typically agree that such shading works best for homes with open floor plans, larger rooms, or just bigger spaces in general. 

Light vs. Dark: Modern Trends
Nowadays, trends are leaning towards either end of the spectrum, with the darkest shades for a contemporary, minimalist feel or the palest tones for a fresh, bright, comfortable appeal. In the end, there's no right or wrong, but do keep your present interior in mind.