Completely Floored Provides the Highest Quality Laminate Flooring Installation in Seattle at Affordable Cost

Completely Floored supplies the highest quality laminate flooring from leading brand name manufacturers. We also provide top quality laminate flooring installation in Seattle that ensures outstanding appearance, great durability and long useable life. We've got an amazing selection of attractively-priced laminate flooring in stock to make area homeowners dreams of an affordable new laminate floor a reality.
                                                                                             In earlier days, laminate flooring was usually called laminate wood flooring. This confused customers, as the surface of laminate flooring isn’t real wood; rather, it is a very high quality photograph of a hardwood or tile image bonded to a strong melamine core. Several layers of an extremely protective polyurethane finish are then applied over the image, making laminate flooring a durable floor covering designed to withstand high traffic areas in your home.  

Laminate flooring installation in Seattle is very fast and easy simply by measuring, cutting and clicking the planks together on site. Our installation professionals are well versed in laminate flooring installation in Seattle homes, and are State licensed and insured for our customer’s protection. Our goal is to always provide our valued Seattle area customers with laminate flooring that delivers great beauty, strength and long life for many years to come. 

The most attractive feature of laminate flooring is that it can replicate virtually any other flooring material exactly so even an expert has to look very closely to tell the difference. It is also considerably less expensive than many other materials and offers so many design options that every Seattle area homeowner will find a ‘look’ that complements his new or existing interior design scheme. 

To find out more about laminate flooring, visit us in our Everett, WA showroom where you can see the diverse design possibilities first hand and also discuss the benefits of our professional laminate flooring installation in Seattle homes with one of our talented flooring consultants.