Completely Floored's guide to caring for your new laminate floor

Once the floors have been picked out, and the laminate floor installers have done their work and departed, many customers are left wondering what they need to do to maintain their floors and keep them looking their best for as long as possible. A new flooring installation is a huge investment that savvy homeowners take care to protect, after all!

Luckily, laminate flooring installations are durable and relatively maintenance-free. It doesn't take much to keep them looking great, but there are a few things you should know.

Your broom is your best ally

It seems like such a simple thing, sweeping, but fail to do it and you will find that your floors deteriorate much more rapidly than those of someone who does! Sweeping your new flooring installation on a daily basis will ensure that gritty dirt tracked in from the outdoors, won't erode the wear layer of your flooring before its time.

You can also vacuum if you like. Just make sure that the beater brush is disengaged, or you could do more damage to your floors in a few seconds than you would by not sweeping for a year!

Water is your worst enemy

Your laminate flooring installation is made from wood products, and that means that it is susceptible to the same issues as wood floors, only to a lesser degree. You'll want to make sure to lay down waterproof mats in front of sinks and in entryways leading to the outdoors, to ensure that your floors are protected from warping, cupping, spreading, cracking, or any of the myriad other problems water can cause for wood flooring installations. You might want to consider a "no-shoes policy" to help prevent both water and gritty dirt from being tracked in.

Lift with your knees!

Laminate flooring is extremely durable, thanks to its wear layers, but it isn't impervious! Your wear layers will protect from the normal, day-to-day wear and tear, and some light to medium impacts, but that protection only goes so far. Whenever you move anything heavy across your floors, like a couch or table, always be sure to lift it from the floor completely, and set it back down gently to avoid gouges and dings.

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