Completely Floored’s Vinyl Sheet Flooring is the Right Choice for You

Like any other industry, the flooring industry is always seeing new advancements added to its technologies. One of the products that have recently become more technologically developed than ever before is vinyl sheeting. Vinyl sheet flooring, especially for Seattle residences, is a hardwearing, gorgeous and affordable product that shines in any home. If you’re looking to outfit your house with vinyl sheet flooring in Seattle, choose Completely Floored to do the job right.  

Today, vinyl sheet flooring is available in an unprecedented selection of designs. This means that you can have whatever pattern, color, or even texture appeals to you the most. It can even be used to mimic other flooring types very closely. It’s a more affordable option to almost all of these. Vinyl sheet flooring’s hyper realistic qualities won’t let you tell the difference between the two, and you’ll end up with the exact look you’ve always wanted. It’s also incredibly low-maintenance

Cleaning up is as simple as sweeping, and you won’t have to stress too much over stains. Spills are wiped up easily and advanced coatings protect the floor from things that might soak in. These same coatings also help shield the floor from scratches and dents. Your vinyl sheet flooring in Seattle will last for years to come, blemish-free and as beautiful as ever. Because of this, you may even save money. 

Vinyl sheet flooring’s long lasting properties mean that you won’t have to replace your floors often. You can lighten the burden on the environment and on yourself by choosing vinyl flooring, which will lessen buildup in dumps and end up being a cost-effective solution. 

If you’re in Seattle, choose Completely Floored for your vinyl sheet flooring needs. You deserve the floors and the home that you want, and we can deliver. You’ll always get the products you desire at a great price and a stunning outcome.