Does your decor demand a specific carpet color?

There are extensive colors to choose from in carpet flooring. But there are also many patterns, designs, and fiber types. 

All these can come together to create a single visual effect. But the color, whether solid or patterned, requires a bit of contemplation as you shop.

Color is essential in carpeting

Your carpet flooring will either be a focal point or a palette for the rest of your decor. You can easily play up your flooring colors and designs if your scheme is neutral.

But if your decor is bold and filled with personality, you opt for a more neutral base. Colors like gray, cream, or blue often work best with a more purposeful decor set.

Keep an eye on trending colors

For neutral options, blue and gray are trending right now, with a wide variety of pieces to choose from. Likewise, lights and darks can have different effects, depending on your interior design.

Bold colors and patterns are also popular trends, with impressive, eye-drawing looks. For example, a multi-colored carpet helps you offer an exciting look to match a wide range of visuals.

The best way to find the best color or color combination is to see these items in person. Then, once you've picked the perfect one, we'll make sure you have the best carpet installation to finish.

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