Flooring Installation Specifics You Won’t Want to Miss

Professional flooring installation is the final step in a long and tedious process for most homeowners. It means you’ve finally finished with all the shopping around and looking at samples. Yes, you’ve finally made a decision, and you’ve reached the point where the perfect floor covering is getting ready to be installed in your home. How exciting is that?

Completely Floored knows how important this part of the flooring process is for you. That’s why we’ll treat this flooring installation as if it was our very own. Not only are we highly skilled at floor installation, we also offer in-home estimates that are completely free, as well as design services. Just stop by our showroom in Everett, WA, to find out more about our services and how we can assist you.Experience Goes a Long Way in Flooring Installation

There’s nothing worse for your home’s floors than an inexperienced installation crew. Novice mistakes, even the small ones, can spell big trouble in the long run, and we know you don’t want that. No, you want someone installing your product that has a working knowledge of the necessary procedures. For instance, you wouldn’t want anyone performing our laminate flooring installation except qualified laminate floor installers, right?

Choosing a company that has a qualified and skilled crew can make a world of difference for the flooring in your home. They not only have the qualifications and skills necessary for the job, but they have all the specialized tools it takes to get the job done right as well. Certain flooring materials need certain specific tools, and having them on site, ready to go, will go a long way in a perfect process coming to completion.

Another thing that makes using qualified professionals to install your floors a really good idea, is that you will have ongoing assistance should any needs arise in the future. You’ll actually have a friend in the business if you need professional cleaning, spot cleaning or repair services. But even if you just need to know whether or not that Spic and Span will be good for your brand new floors, you can give us a call. That’s real peace of mind.

If you happen to have solid wood, tile or sheet materials that need to be installed, then you definitely want to use a professional service. Installing these yourself, or using an inexperienced service, can lead to not only faulty flooring, but a voided warranty as well. Be sure to speak to one of our professionals today.