Four reasons to have a professional install your floors

Installation can be complicated and require special tools and saws, as well as subfloor repair and precise measuring.

That even goes for the "DIY-friendly" flooring, where you can easily end up with an uneven surface floor.

Some even go as far as saying the installation is more important than the product itself but one thing’s for sure:  It will affect the appearance.

Here are three reasons to have your installation completed by a professional flooring service.


The professional knows what to look for and recognize potential problems and handle them when they are still very small.

As an example, I know someone who hired “the guy down the street” who said he had done a lot of installations.  Guess what: The carpet was too high, and the door no longer closed properly.

You’ll save money in the long-term

When you have to do something over and over again, it just creates a lot of waste in both money and time.

 More than that, manufacturers always state in their warranties that the floors must be installed according to their guidelines. 

If those recommendations aren’t followed, all financial protections will be gone.

Professionals install floors for a living, so they pay wholesale prices.  You will pay retail for something you’ll probably only use once, such as a saw cutter.

It lets you get on with your life sooner

When you do any remodeling, whether it's new flooring or a full top-to-bottom kitchen or bath renovation, you won't be able to use that room for a while.

Professionals are experts at their craft, so they can do something in a lot less time than an inexperienced person would, and you’ll have your life back sooner.

It makes the room look better

The floor takes up the largest square footage of the room. It only stands to reason that if the floor looks bumpy, wrinkled or messy, it will affect the overall appearance of the space.

Even the most beautiful and rich hardwood floor can look low-end and cheap if not installed properly.

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