Get Cozy with Ceramic

In an era of environmental awareness, ceramic and porcelain tile are standouts. Made largely from natural and often renewable resources, they are durable and long-lasting, more so than many other wall or floor coverings. The best part is they offer timeless beauty and limitless self-expression, especially when you explore the complete world which includes moldings, decorative accents and listellos.Even though tiles are largely made of earthy substances like clay, sand and water, the end product is about as clean and cleanable as it gets.

One great way to start is to look for tiles you like; perhaps striking “decos” as they are called that add pizzazz to your floor. You can add the same decos to your wall as to your floor. Or how about a wall medallion or custom design to match? Consider that ceramic tile can be made into stunning art to add to your wall too.

A word of caution. Not all tiles can be used in all applications. Your retailer can explain how performance ratings work and will tell you which tile is suitable for your application. Tiles rated for the floor are toughest and can be used on the wall or counter or backsplash. However, wall tiles aren’t rated to take foot traffic.

You might want to explore the unique world of porcelain tile. Porcelain is a form of ceramic tile fired at much higher temperatures, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Porcelain tiles are typically homogeneous in terms of through-body color, which means a scratch or ding won’t be obvious. Porcelain can be made to resemble stone, and it can be less porous or prone to cracking than Mother Nature’s version. You can also find versions which have glazed colored surfaces.

Warm ceramic… Never cooler than its surroundings, ceramic and porcelain tile brings warmth to its surroundings. Consider it today and talk with your local retailer to see what options are available to you.