Get the Best Flooring Installation in Seattle

For years now, when it comes to quality flooring installation, Seattle homeowners and business owners have come to Completely Floored. We offer only the very best services, and our customers appreciate the fact that when we install their new flooring, we stand behind our work. But, there are reasons why we can stand behind our work with such confidence. Here are just a few of those reasons.

It all begins with our highly trained and experienced installation teams. Our professional installers have been trained in all aspects of flooring installation. Seattle homes and businesses deserve the best, and the only way to deliver that high level of performance is to work with technicians who know what they are doing. It should be noted that each flooring product manufacturer has its own installation requirements, and these may vary from one company to the next. To protect your warranty, your flooring system must be installed according to these manufacturer's instructions. Our team makes sure that they follow these guidelines, so your warranty is never in jeopardy.Next, our technicians are skilled at installing all of the types of flooring that we sell. We carry carpet, hardwood, vinyl sheet flooring, laminate, tile, and luxury vinyl flooring. Regardless of the type of new flooring that you purchase from us, we have the expertise to install it to perfection. 

We also know that when it comes to flooring installation, Seattle homeowners and business owners want to work with crews that are polite, reliable, honest, and punctual. Our installation teams are always courteous and clean up thoroughly before leaving. They can answer your questions on-site, and if they are not able to do so, they can get in contact with someone who can, fast.

When you shop with us for your new flooring, you will find a great selection of flooring systems, priced low, and of high quality. However, it is also good to know that your new flooring will be installed to very high standards when you buy from us. Visit our showroom in Everett, WA and let us show you why it is that when it comes to quality flooring installation, Seattle residents come to Completely Floored first.