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Completely confused and overwhelmed about laminate flooring installation? Are you wondering if the company you hire will use professionals for your floor installation? These and all your other questions can be demystified by our skilled staff at Completely Floored, Everett, WA. Meanwhile, as you ponder your future laminate flooring, here are some tips for enjoying your wood-look floor covering for many years

A little TLC helps keep your flooring looking great!

Focus on high entry points: At entry/exit points into and out of home, putting down some mats will help catch muck and moisture from muddy and snowy shoes and boots. This will help decrease wet spills and gritty deposits that can scratch the floors and tend to accumulate in these high traffic areas.

Prevent furniture/chair feet scratches: Floor protectors in the form of adhesive felts or gliders can be adhered to, or placed, under furniture legs to help prevent premature wear and tear to your laminate floor coverings. Makes moving your larger furniture a snap, too! Don't forget to protect furniture with casters or wheels, as well! Stationary furniture with casters can benefit from gliders but a "rolling" office chair, for example, should be placed over a protective plastic chair mat.

Clean with a laminate friendly product: A daily or weekly sweeping or vacuuming regimen will easily keep your floors free of loose dirt and debris. Give areas around the entry/exits points a little more attention. Clean up spills quickly and periodically clean with a solution specifically designed for wood laminate by following application instructions. Keep in mind that traditional wet-mopping, waxing or polishing is a big "no-no" for laminate floors!

For tougher or trickier stains or spills: Using a little bit of nail polish remover (acetone) on a clean cloth can help remove stains lefty by marker, oil, paint, ink or lipstick. Wipe the area with a clean damp cloth afterward to remove any acetone residue. If dealing with wax or gum, apply ice to harden the spot and gently scrape off with something plastic (like a credit card). Wipe off any remaining residue with a clean damp cloth.

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