Hardwood flooring: Your last installation

Hardwood flooring: Your last installation

If you want a floor covering to last decades longer than you need, choose wood flooring in Everett, WA. With professional installation, these floors last more than 100 years, especially with proper care and upkeep.

Wood floors are worth your time, as they offer outstanding visuals and other benefits. Here are some reasons to make your final installation a hardwood flooring choice.

A long and durable lifespan

Choosing hardwood flooring gives you plenty of benefits centered around durability, which transfers to a long lifespan. These floors stand up to a great deal of wear, but you'll need to choose the suitable species for your activity level.

The harder the species, the more durable the wood floors, with oak offering a well-rounded experience. In addition, you can add a textured finish with an excellent sealant to ensure even more protection, especially if you have pets or children.

Choose professional installation

The best way to protect this investment, which raises the value of your home, is with professional flooring installation. Our expert installers have training and experience with this flooring type, so you’re in good hands.

Moreover, professional service ensures the integrity of your manufacturer's warranty and gives you more peace of mind through our guarantees. We stand behind our hardwood floors, so you'll surely enjoy results for years.

We’re here for your hardwood flooring needs

Completely Floored is a family-owned flooring store that offers exceptional deals on flooring, with free in-home estimates and experienced installers to ensure your complete satisfaction. In addition, we'll help you browse our vast inventory for products that meet your every need, so share your vision while you're here.

When you’re ready to choose your hardwood flooring, visit our showroom for the best wood flooring in Everett, WA. Our service areas include Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, Arlington, and Mt. Vernon, WA, so stop by any time to speak with an associate.