Hardwood Floors are the Showcase of a House

An article in a Mt. Vernon, WA paper explained all about variegated plants; that’s when a plant’s leaves are more than one shade, such as with a dark green middle and a lighter, almost white, edge. They bring a lot of light to a garden and, in the world of horticulture, they’re considered the showcases of flowerbeds, gardens and rockeries.

In the world of interior design, variegated hardwood floors can be the showcase of a house.
“Decorate Your Rockery With Style,” Skagit Valley Herald.

Source: www.goskagit.com

With different patterns (like knotty pine and herringbone), knots, raised grains, planks, and various shades, you can add a lot of light, elegance, contrast and color explosion to a room.  

That’s especially so when you combine the floor with furnishings, accessories, artwork and even window vistas. For instance, when a hardwood floor is paired with a yellow-orange upholstery, it can bring out rich, buttery, yellow floor tones. The floor might even look a little blue or green at times, when a room’s picture window looks out into a forest, or when paired with painted cabinets.

It’s even more dramatic when the floor is paired with other woods, such as a light floor with dark furniture, there’s a distinct contrast, a light play that can’t be denied!

“The color of the floor relates to the colors of your other wood decisions,” says designer Marc Thee.

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